Options To Consider When It's Time To Get New Sliding Patio Doors

16 June 2023
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If your old patio doors are noisy, drafty, or damaged, it's time to replace them. Just like any other door in your home, your sliding patio doors should lock securely and be energy efficient. If your doors are old, they may not be energy efficient, and they may be a home security vulnerability. Here are options for choosing new sliding patio doors.

The Door Material

Patio doors come in vinyl, wood, metal, composite, and fiberglass. Vinyl and metal are popular because they are on the lower end of the price scale but are still attractive options. Plus, vinyl and metal are both easy to maintain without very much work. Wood patio doors are expensive and take a lot of care. Your choice depends on your budget and your preferences in appearance. You'll want doors that match the rest of your home so they blend in.

The Glass Choices

When you get new sliding patio doors installed, you get to pick the frame materials and the type of glass you want. The system also comes with tracks and rollers that are suitable for the type of frame you buy. The glass in patio doors is usually tempered so it crumbles rather than shatters into shards if the glass breaks. You can choose an impact door if you want added security and protection from bad weather. Impact doors have a tough film that holds the glass together so the glass can't be knocked out.

You can also choose energy-efficient glass that works to prevent heat transfer so hot summer temperatures stay outside and warm, heated air stays inside in the winter. Energy-efficient glass also blocks UV rays so you can let the sun shine on the door and not worry about it heating up your house or fading your carpet.

The Extra Options

You can have grilles added to your sliding patio doors. These divide the doors into sections for an interesting look. You might want grilles if the windows in your home have them or if you want them to be a warning the patio door is closed. A clear door is nearly invisible so someone could walk right into it. However, clear doors are an option if you like the look or you could choose textured glass for a little privacy.

Another option you may want is a screen. A screen is nice on mild days so you can let a breeze in. Having a screen is also a good option if you'll be spending time on the patio or outdoors with your kids since they can open and close the screen more easily than a heavy door.

For more info about sliding patio doors, contact a local company.