Early Warning Signs Of Failing Storefront Doors

25 July 2022
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Owning a store comes with some repairs every now and then. When you need commercial door repair on your storefront doors, it's best to have these repairs done before your doors fail completely. However, you don't always realize your commercial doors need to be repaired or replaced until it's too late.

Here are early warning signs of failing storefront doors. Make sure all warranties and installation information regarding your commercial doors are kept in an easily accessible place so when you do need commercial door repair, you can gather what you need quickly.

Your doors drag or stall when opening

Any commercial storefront door repair is needed when doors drag, halt, or otherwise show signs of struggle when opening or closing them. Repairs may be as simple as upgrading the belts, tracks, or pulleys in the doors or oiling the tracks so they operate more efficiently. If you have your commercial door repair done rapidly, then you can keep the doors functioning so they don't get stuck open or closed.

Your doors are slow to respond to movement

If your storefront doors are automatic, a sign of repairs you need to look out for is doors that don't respond well to movement. You don't want your commercial doors to close on a customer or fail to open for a customer and cause someone to walk into the doors. Your doors can become a danger if you don't have them looked at when they don't operate as they should. Your commercial door repair specialists will ensure your storefront doors work well; always have your commercial door repair done by a professional.

Your doors are coming off their track

There are several reasons why your storefront's doors may come off their track. A common reason is them being forced open manually or being run into by someone on accident. Or, older doors may come off their track periodically. Doors off their track can come off entirely and pose a danger to you or your customers or can cause other issues besides.

You can tell a door is coming off its track by the way it opens or looks when closed. When closed, the door may have gaps, indicating it doesn't line up on the tracks anymore. You want to get commercial door repair done as soon as you can to prevent future damage and to keep the doors on track as much as possible. Speak to a commercial storefront door repair professional to learn more about your doors so you can repair them as needed.