WHY Vinyl Is A Great Impact Window Material

25 January 2018
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The impact windows in your home are perhaps the most susceptible component when it comes to heat loss and retention. In cold and hot climates alike, windows can make it more difficult to maintain the perfect temperature inside your home. As windows age, a lot of things can happen to cause this. They can warp so that they don't close and create an airtight seal. The glass pane can become loose within the sash. The material can fade and deteriorate, losing some of its heat retention qualities. This article explains why vinyl is a great material for homeowners who want new, energy efficient fixtures in their home.

A Waterproof Surface

Vinyl has a lot of characteristics that make it ideal for window construction. Perhaps most important is the fact that it is waterproof. A window sash is going to get wet almost every single day. Luckily, with a waterproof material like vinyl, this doesn't cause many problems. However, water on wooden windows can be very problematic. Wooden windows need to be sealed and restained to fight against moisture damage. Worst of all, this is a process that needs to be repeated about once every decade. With vinyl, on the other hand, you basically don't need to do anything to maintain the waterproof surface.

A Great Insulator

Vinyl is also great material because it has great insulation qualities. Of course, different vinyl windows will have different insulation to meet the requirements for various climates. Basically, regardless of how cold or hot your climate is, there will be a suitable and stylish vinyl product available. Vinyl window sashes are solid, so they can insulate in even the coldest temperatures.

A Stylish Choice

Some people are skeptical about the way that vinyl looks. But this is usually because they don't actually understand what modern vinyl windows look like. That is, not all vinyl products are just white and look like tiny plastic. Of course, neutral colors are the most common and popular on windows, but there are also some more complicated and detailed finishes to choose from. You can find printed sashes that look great if you are trying to match natural wood around your home. You can also find manufacturers who will custom-dye your vinyl, so you can match any existing color schemes you have on the inside or outside of your home. Regardless of your reason for choosing vinyl, it is a material that you definitely won't regret choosing.

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