How To Repair A Sliding Glass Door So It Doesn't Shatter

10 July 2020
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If you are in need of fixing your sliding glass doors for your bath or shower, then look no further. The best way to repair your glass door will depend on how it is broken, ranging from cracked or broken glass to a door that has come off the track.

If It's Already Shattered, Call a Professional

If your sliding glass door has broken or shattered glass, there is little point in trying to repair it yourself. The hardest part of installing a sliding glass door is making sure it's the right size for the frame and space available, and it's important to allow someone that knows what they're doing to fix it. Improperly sized panels are more prone to shattering as they can very easily come off the track. Even if the repair is easy, you may find that you prefer to call a professional anyway. Regardless, there are many ways to repair a sliding glass door yourself, including ways to prevent future shattering.

Realignment and Fixing Stuck Doors

Realigning and unsticking glass doors are one way that you can avoid calling a professional. Unsticking and realignment both involve removing the door from the track and reinserting it, but unsticking the door typically takes more work as it involves cleaning the rollers. Additionally, you may have to replace the rollers if they are damaged. Either way, when reinstalling your door, you need to push the removed door up into the upper rollers first and then insert it into the bottom rollers before securing everything into place.

Finally, not every form of repair will prevent the glass door from breaking. For example, if your sliding glass door has a broken or torn mesh screen, then fixing it won't do anything involving the glass panels. However, you could still benefit from replacing the mesh screen and re-installing the spline (thick wire meant to keep the mesh inside the frame).

In conclusion, the way that you will need to repair your glass door will depend entirely on the way that it is broken. Not every repair of a sliding glass door will prevent complete glass breakage, but you may still want to undertake those repairs. Two common problems in door repair and maintenance are unaligned doors and stuck doors. You will need to remove the door from the track, possibly clean or replace the rollers, and reinsert the door. You will need a door repair professional if the door is shattered already as it is very difficult to clear damaged glass and installing an entirely new door is difficult.