How To Design A Tuscan Home

7 October 2015
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Have you traveled in Florence, Pisa, San Mareno, Italy, or in the countryside of Tuscany? Perhaps you haven't seen those charming places in person, but maybe you fell in love with Tuscany as you watched movies like Under The Tuscan Sun. Either way, if you have decided to design your new home with a Tuscan design, here are some ideas that may inspire you to create something you will love for many years.

The Facade - To stay true to the traditional homes you would find in Tuscany, think about using earth colors.

  • If you are going with stucco, colors like burnt umber, warm gray, mocha, white and off-white are all good choices for the paint. However, if you want to tweak things a bit, muted pink, apricot or yellow will work, too. 
  • Natural stone would be a very traditional choice, as would brick.
  • Another idea is to use natural stone, brick and stucco together.

The Roof - As you continue to plan the design of your home, think of whether you want an old-fashioned and traditional look or something more contemporary for your roof.

  • If you want a traditional look, think about using terra cotta tiles for the roof.
  • If your house won't sustain the weight of a tile roof, or if that type of roof doesn't fit your budget, consider selecting a shingle roof and going with terra cotta for the color. The effect will amaze you.
  • For something more modern, consider turquoise or green for the color of a tile roof. Another idea for a more contemporary look would be to select a metal roof. 

The Windows - Choosing the right windows will help to establish either a traditional look or a modern look to your home.

  • For an old-fashioned and more traditional look, consider several smaller windows.
  • For a modern look to your Tuscan home, long, narrow windows will be great. Another more contemporary look would be to have one huge picture window.
  • Either way, consider adding wrought iron touches to the design of the window and include a brick or stone arch above each window.

When you are making your window choices, think about buying double-paned windows. Even though they may be more expensive than regular windows, the money you save on your electric bill will make up for the extra expense sooner than you think. Another way you can save money is to have some of the windows tinted. Not only will this help you save energy, but your paintings and fabrics will be protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

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