Enhancing Your Interior Doors

11 September 2014
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While you may have seen teachers' doors decorated inside your child's school, you may have never considered decorating your own interior doors. Before you begin, be sure that your door is in good repair and that anything you may place on it won't overly tax the existing hardware. Occasionally, if you place too much on a door, the hardware may need to be upgraded. Look into door repair services to upgrade your hardware and then decorate away! Doing so can add a fun design element to your home. From the simple to the fantasy, here are some door enhancement ideas for the decorator in you!

1. Add a wreath. You may have a lovely seasonal wreath on your front exterior door, but have you ever considered placing them on your interior doors? Smaller wreaths are recommended for interior doors, and for continuity, probably all the same wreath in an area with more than one door. But children may want their own wreath on their door that is representative of them. The possibilities are endless from burlap wreaths to ribbon wreaths to metal hardware wreaths. Simple wreaths can have favorite children's toys added, such as cars or action figures.

2. Add vinyl lettering. Vinyl lettering is a wonderful addition to your door. It comes in a wide variety of fonts, sizes, and sayings. Or you might think about adding your own custom saying to remind your family of nearly anything. Even simple words "pantry" or "laundry" add a fun element when they are done in an interesting font in the accent color of your room or hall.

3. Add organization. Organization can be added on one or both sides of nearly any door. Over the door hooks are a great place to start, but if you need more organization, there are many "over-the-door" choices to consider, including shelves and pockets. If you are more handy, you might consider adding slim baskets to your door for paper storage or a place to catch winter gloves or summer baseballs. The options for beautiful organization are endless these days, and you should be able to find organization that also suits your design sense. Again, be sure that your door hardware can handle the weight.

4. Add paper. Completely changing the look of your door at Christmas time with wrapping paper and a ribbon is done a lot. But have you considered that you can change the door with paper at any time? Lovely spring paper or interesting fall paper might be your thing. Or perhaps you want to cover the door with butcher paper and it can be used as a message center. Your children's doors might be fun covered in monster paper or fairy paper. Double-sided tape can make installation a breeze and seal up any seams that occur.

5. Add paint. Finally, the most permanent of changes, while still being easily changed, is to paint your door. Try painting the door insets a different color. If your door is flat, try adding simple molding and painting it a different color than the door.

Your door can be a reflection of your style and design sensibility, or it can be a reflection of your spontaneity and fun spirit! Think of your door as your canvas and be amazing with it!