WHY Vinyl Is A Great Impact Window Material

25 January 2018
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The impact windows in your home are perhaps the most susceptible component when it comes to heat loss and retention. In cold and hot climates alike, windows can make it more difficult to maintain the perfect temperature inside your home. As windows age, a lot of things can happen to cause this. They can warp so that they don't close and create an airtight seal. The glass pane can become loose within the sash. Read More 

3 Best Door Material Options For Your New Patio

5 October 2017
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Installing a patio on the back of your home, that you can access through your house, can help open up the view out to your backyard and connect you more with nature. The key to really enjoying the experience is to pick the right door to lead from your house to your patio. #1 Wood One of the more traditional material options for your new patio doors is wood. Wood is a great material choice because it will give your wood patio door area an elegant and traditional look. Read More 

Tips On Buying A Storefront Window

2 July 2017
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Whenever you need to be sure that your commercial storefront is well situated, consider getting a new store front window installed. By taking advantage of such a purchase, you will be able to not only post business information and create a welcoming appearance but will also be able to show off your merchandise. Think about the following points so that you can purchase the highest quality storefront windows: #1: Look into the specifications for the storefront window that you need Read More 

How To Design A Tuscan Home

7 October 2015
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Have you traveled in Florence, Pisa, San Mareno, Italy, or in the countryside of Tuscany? Perhaps you haven't seen those charming places in person, but maybe you fell in love with Tuscany as you watched movies like Under The Tuscan Sun. Either way, if you have decided to design your new home with a Tuscan design, here are some ideas that may inspire you to create something you will love for many years. Read More 

Enhancing Your Interior Doors

11 September 2014
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While you may have seen teachers' doors decorated inside your child's school, you may have never considered decorating your own interior doors. Before you begin, be sure that your door is in good repair and that anything you may place on it won't overly tax the existing hardware. Occasionally, if you place too much on a door, the hardware may need to be upgraded. Look into door repair services to upgrade your hardware and then decorate away! Read More